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Sugar Snap Peas

Ok, so here it is….my all time favorite crop to grow in my garden!!  Yep, it is sugar snap peas.

There are several reasons why I love growing and harvesting sugar snap peas:

  • They are super easy to grow.
  • They are pretty much disease resistant.
  • You can grow them from seeds and it cost you very little to grow a ton of sugar snap peas.
  • It’s fun to get the family involved.  Peas grow very fast and you can harvest anywhere from 6-8 weeks after planting.
  • Nothing taste better then fresh sugar snap peas right out of the garden.
  • They make a perfect snack, just pick and eat.
  • They only take 5 minutes to cook up and make a terrific side dish to any meal.
  • They are good for you!

With all of these reasons, why wouldn’t everyone grow them right?  I have been asking myself that question for years.  Sugar snap peas is hands down the easiest and tastiest legume to grow in your garden!

Growing Sugar Snap Peas

I have an article over at Whole Lifestyle Nutrition that dives into growing sugar snap peas and I highly recommend reading it to help you with your success of growing these little gems.  You can find it here:

Planting Seeds Has Never Been So Easy!

Planting Sugar Snap Peas | GrowingRealFood.com

Growing On A Vertical Frame

I also have a great video in this post showing you how to build a vertical frame for your peas for less than $10 and in as little as five minutes time.

Peas like to climb and they can support themselves but won’t grow or produce as much because they tangle themselves up a bit.  I have found that growing peas vertically produces the most yield at harvest time.

Here is a video that I did last summer showing my peas growing on a vertical frame.

Todays subject: growing and harvesting sugar snap peas, and we have talked about growing peas, now lets dive into how to harvest them.

Harvesting Sugar Snap Peas

As I mentioned above, peas are quick growers and oftentimes can grow an entire foot in one week.  Peas will flower and then the flowers turn into pods and the peas begin to grow.

There are several different times that you can harvest sugar snap peas.  Here are a few things to consider when growing and harvesting sugar snap peas:

  • Do you like your pods more tender or firm?
  • Do you like your peas smaller or larger?
  • Or do you like them somewhere in between?

We grow so many that we harvest at all stages.

Harvesting Sugar Snap Peas | GrowingRealFood.com

Peas Can Be Harvested At Different Stages of Growth

I encourage you to try harvesting peas at different times and as they grow.  Peas taste different at certain phases of growth.

  • If you want your pods to be tender then harvest the pods shortly after they start growing.  The peas will be very small inside and the pod will be somewhat flat. This is our favorite way to use them in a stir fry recipe.
  • If you like them somewhere in between then wait a week and pick the pods then.  The peas will be slightly bigger in the pod and the pod will be a little less tender.  This is our favorite way to eat them raw.
  • If you like your peas to be full size then wait a little bit longer.  The peas will be super sweet and the pods become slightly less tender.  This is our favorite way to steam them and they are amazing with a little lemon butter on them! (Check out our recipe for Lemon Butter Sugar Snap Peas)

Involving The Kids

Kids like to see progress and peas grow fast and keep kids very interested.  When it is time for harvesting, my girls just love picking sugar snap peas!

Harvesting Sugar Snap Peas | GrowingRealFood.com

For 3-4 weeks, our peas continue to produce and each day my girls run out and pick some more for me to cook.  

Look at this amazing day where we had a very large BBQ and my girls picked some peas to grill.  Oh yes you can grill sugar snap peas!!  Recipe coming out next week for grilled sugar snap peas so be on the lookout for that great recipe!

Harvesting Sugar Snap Peas | GrowingRealFood.com

Removing Sugar Snap Peas From The Vine

To harvest the peas, simply snap the beans off of the vine.  I usually have the girls hold the sugar snap peas at the top and then gently twist off the vine.

Then we throw them right into a strainer so that they can be cleaned and prepared for a snack or side dish.

Harvesting Sugar Snap Peas | GrowingRealFood.com

That’s it!  How easy is it to grow, harvest and eat these delicious sugar snap peas.  And don’t forget, you can grow peas twice in most growing seasons.  We grow them in early spring and late fall.  

Give them a whirl, you won’t be disappointed, I promise!

Harvesting Sugar Snap Peas | GrowingRealFood.com

Share Your Thoughts

What are some of your favorite things to grow in your garden?  Do you enjoy sugar snap peas as much as we do?

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