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My parents happen to live in a pretty wooded area which means they have a lot of deer come by.

We love these visitors but they happen to love my mothers garden. Not wanting to do any harm to the deer, but wanting to protect her little garden we decided to help my mother build a deer-proof fence. I couldn’t believe how easy it was:

When I moved to our property on Farm To Market Road in Whitefish, MT, I chose to build adeer-proof fence to last 100 years. Though there is a path around the outside liberally sprinkled with deer dropping, no deer have gotten in for the past seven years. And I did it all myself.

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Do you have problems with deer?

How to Build a Deer-Proof Fence - GrowingRealFood

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13 Responses to How to Build a Deer-Proof Fence

  1. James Lisbon says:

    My grandma lived up close to the mountains when I was growing up and I think her garden was visited by deer occasionally.   I liked when you said that specific deer fences can last up to 100 years depending on if they are built correctly.   It seems like most people with gardens would want to take some kind of precautionary measure so as to avoid damages in their garden.

  2. CourtneyGaller says:

    Very interesting article; I thought that it was interesting how one of the materials for that fence is coffee cans! I’ll have to show this article to my sister. She lives in the western U.S. and has had  some deer problems over the years. Last autumn, some deer actually ruined the pumpkins that they were saving for Halloween. Maybe they need some fence installation tips for the project. I bet she could talk to a contractor in their area, and get some advice on the project. Great article!

  3. janefairfax18 says:

    I want to start growing food in our yard, but we do happen to have deer in the area, so keeping them out was a concern for me. I am glad I found this information, because I think now I will be able to erect a fence that will keep them out. I may not be able to do it on my own, with as crazy as my schedule is, but now I at least know what to ask for when I talk to the pros.

  4. KentClark1 says:

    We have a lot of problems with deer in our yard. It is just one of the prices you pay when you live out in the country. My wife suggested a barbed wire fence. However, I don’t want to actually hurt the deer. I just want to keep them out. I’m thinking that we just need to build a higher one.

  5. CaseyJones1 says:

    Thanks for the advice on building a deer proof fence.  Great idea on building a fence that will stand the test of time.  I will talk to some local fence contractors and see if they can make something similar.

  6. MaryJanePrincton says:

    It seems like building a fence like this would be really beneficial. There are always all sorts of deer coming into my yard. I would love to be able to keep them out. The fence that I have now isn’t tough enough to keep the deer out of my yard. I wonder how long it would take to build something like this.

  7. correysmith321 says:

    Halle, oh my grandmother would surely know how it feels like to be keeping deers off her yard especially her garden. Having done commercial fence around my town it seems like I could probably do a fencing project on her yard. I am just going to have to find out from my grandmother just how big of an area she would want the fencing to cover.

  8. LaceyRockwell1 says:

    I am so glad I found this article! My husband and I recently moved, and there are so many deer. At first I thought it was so fun, but when they started eating my garden, I wasn’t as amused. I love seeing them around, but I don’t want them in my back yard. I think that putting up a fence like this would really help.

  9. Gary Puntman says:

    My grandpa lives in an area with a lot of deer.  He likes growing tomato plants, but the deer always end up getting to them.  I think a fence is a good idea for him.  He probably needs a certain kind of fence to keep the deer out.

  10. JaxWillis23 says:

    I used to think that deer would never be an issue I’d have to deal with in my yard. Then I moved really close to the mountains and suddenly deer were always strolling through my neighborhood. I think it’s kind of crazy that it happens, but it definitely does happen, and it’s important to know how to keep them out of your garden. I hope people will be able to read this guide and do what they can to prevent deer from comming into their yards.

  11. sfreddson2156 says:

    Thanks for sharing this experience with us! I think it’s important for anyone near deer to know how to keep them at bay—especially if you have a garden. It can be quite frustrating at first but there are all kinds of solutions that work (although a good, sturdy fence is probably the best). This was a great article!

  12. EliasRufus says:

    Deer are so beautiful. I love living out in the country to be able to watch the young bucks prancing around in the fields. However, like you stated, they are devastating to our garden. I’m glad we didn’t resort to the electric fence to keep them out. I’ll have to see if they respond well to a grated fence post. Is there a safe scent to keep them away?

  13. VictoriaRunda says:

    I’ve been working on growing a more healthy, balanced garden but have been having problems with the wildlife. While I don’t want to cause undue harm I don’t want all of my work to go to waste. Hopefully I’ll have enough spare time next week to start working on a deer-proof fence.

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